David Vine, Writer/Producer/Director
Current Activities

Business Video
We produce interesting and educational video for clients and, if required, establish and maintain a YouTube account. Accounts on other web video hosting sites also can be developed.

This affordable package is customized to each client's specific requirements. It  can include as little as part of the process or complete production. Complete production services include concept development, organization and direction, script writing if required, location or studio interviews or information video segments, comprehensive editing and upload.

For additional information please contact David Vine via EMAIL or call 803-552-7444.

Cinema Verite & Documentary Projects

We're working on what I hope to be a comprehensive long-form documentary dealing with government surveillance of our daily lives. I will reveal some little-known facts and suggest ways you can deal with this situation. Stay tuned for more.

A 2nd Amendment Rally in Augusta, GA was covered and you can click 
HERE to see the eight minute video. You'll enjoy the rousing speech given by the principal character.

An interview with Art Gallery Owner Syd Padgett was created. Please click HERE to view the 14 minute interview which covers a lot of territory including how the Arts Community gave impetus to the economic revitalization of Downtown Augusta.