Documentary Video Productions, LLC

David Vine, Writer/Producer/Director
David Vine, MBA has several documentary projects in various stages of research and pre-production. He has produced several short videos presented via his Vimeo and YouTube channels. As a former photojournalist, news reporter and non-fiction writer his approach to documentary production is generally cinema verite shooting and fact-based reporting. 

He is working on projects ranging from controversial social issues to contrasting artistic styles.
 Mr. Vine began his career during the turbulent 1960s working as a high school stringer-photojournalist and later as a photojournalist/news reporter for the New Haven Register and the Danbury News Times. After several years of freelance photography, Mr. Vine began working as a licensed private detective in Georgia. A sampling of his still photo work can be viewed on his Flickr page.

He served as the public information officer/media liaison for the Dade County Aviation Department (DCAD), operator of Miami International and five other South Florida airports. During his three years in Miami Mr.Vine added instrument, commercial, multi-engine and flight instructor ratings to his pilot's license.

He established David Vine Associates in 1981. Initially working as a freelance magazine article writer/photographer he transitioned into public relations, marketing services and then management consulting. He established the New Jersey chapter of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals and received SCIP's Catalyst Award in 1996.

During the past 15 years he has presented unique workshops and webinars
 helping more than 7,500 professionals in 47 states and several countries to enhance their Internet skills. In addition Mr. Vine develops, produces and sells CD and DVD information products including webinar videos.

He has studied documentary video production at the Digital Media Academy held at University of Texas - Austin and at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University.